How We Doubled Concrete Productivity

Voice of Others 1: How an LPS Seminar helped us double concrete productivity through better pre-planning

Nadhi, in its capacity has the Chennai Hub leader of ILCE recently had a 3 part seminar series targeting Real Estate Owners and Contractors to create awareness of Lean…

  • 16 Apr, 2014
  • navink
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The Sob Story of Mr. BizMeet

You say I am the most important person in a business. Without me projects won’t get done on time. I help in getting the statuses of critical milestones in a project. Some of you want me every day. Others say I should be present once a week, or at the very least, once a month. But I am received with mixed feelings. Some companies welcome me with open arms while others are put off by my presence. I am…

  • 9 Apr, 2014
  • swathig
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Professional Friendship

In business, I think it is not always about liking people, it’s about being able to trust – and work – with them. I would like to share a personal experience where I was working as an Intern a couple of years back. My Reporting Manager assigned a group task to me and asked me to collaborate with another guy who, unfortunately, I didn’t like! I don’t think he liked me either. But, I needed his help for completing…

  • 2 Apr, 2014
  • srikanths
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Despatch from the Trenches XIV – The Item Rate Fallacy – Are We Missing A Point?

After being in a real life “lean school” for about a year and a half now, (thanks to my once guide and now boss Kalyan and Prof. Koshy Varghese at IIT-M) I am starting to learn a few things about how the construction world operates that I thought I’d share. These are mostly drawn from my experience trying to practice Lean Construction, including the Last Planner method at a client’s site in India. My…

  • 25 Mar, 2014
  • pratapv
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Despatch from the Trenches XIII – Music and Productivity

First it was Heisendoli-Mundenberg Unmeasurability Principle; then it was about taking a nap and now it is music. In continuation of our discussion of how to improve labour productivity in construction…

Music has always evoked varied emotions in people. Depending on the genre of music heard, it calms people, floods them with warm (or sad) memories, brings happiness or is sometimes just noise and is there. In a recent Economic Times article that…

  • 17 Mar, 2014
  • Kalyan
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Take a nap!

Have you ever thought about taking a nap in the middle of a workday? Do you think taking a workday nap is a bad thing to do?

I have been reading many articles about taking a nap and one of them by Margarita Tartakovsky in ‘The Power of Power Napping’ says:

“Napping leads to improvements in mood, alertness and performance reaction time, attention, and memory,” according to Kimberly Cote, Ph.D, Professor of psychology and neuroscience at Brock…

  • 10 Mar, 2014
  • srikanths
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On Productivity – Three Things

Preconceptions Unlimited

A couple of years back, one of our clients asked us to visit a project site to study the construction methods and technology that they were using, and to see if we could suggest any modifications that would help improve overall productivity and project progress. This was in line with what we had attempted at our other sites, except we were asked to parachute in somewhat abruptly, without too much notice.

Before flying off to Delhi on a cold…

  • 5 Mar, 2014
  • Ravi M
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Despatch from the Benches IV – Role of IT in Lean Construction

Preamble: A couple of good friends pointed out that the earlier post needed edits and also better language. A sincere word of thanks for pointing out the shortcomings. Also, noted with gratitude that our effort at posting is not wasted. Thanks Sumit & Sukesh. So, with that I had one of my colleagues who writes better than I do rewrite my rather dry post. Gracias Yamini. With that…

In today’s world,…

  • 25 Feb, 2014
  • Kalyan
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Despatch from the Benches – III – Lean Construction & IT – How do they interact?

This is a question that keeps coming up at various fora, discussion groups, and am sure at conferences and research. My nuanced point of view was recently posted in a linkedIn group discussion here. I have extracted the relevant portion here.

My favorite memory of Greg is of having a friendly argument about the role technology can play in lean construction…

  • 30 Jan, 2014
  • Kalyan
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Despatch from the Trenches XII – Lookahead Planning

In all our baby years trying to get construction teams in India to adapt and adopt the Last Planner System, one thing stands out almost consistently. It is that not many understand the full depth of “look-ahead planning” and even fewer are willing to adopt it.

The “textbook” definition of look-ahead planning is to “make ready” the work that is upcoming in the next few weeks and release all the constraints (drawings, material procurement, labor mobilization etc. to name…

  • 16 Jan, 2014
  • Kalyan
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