Our Product

nPulse™ is a full-fledged online and on-site enterprise Construction Supply Chain Management application that can transform project planning and execution from a reactive approach to a proactive approach through its analytics based decision support and in built alert management system.

The nPulse™ solution can

  • Spot Pitfalls – Spot potential future pitfalls through predictive analytics and KPI indicators
  • Provide What-if Scenarios – Holistic assessment to analyze the impact of decisions for proactive next steps
  • Integrate Information – Integrate data silos across project functions making stakeholders understand the interconnected impact
  • Generate Reports and Dashboards – Reports diving into the details and dashboards highlighting key metrics and risks
  • Notify through Mobile – Get “Real time” smartphone, SMS and E-mail notifications establishing mobile collaboration


  • Improves due date adherence – Proactive, forward looking alerts enable users to respond early to mitigate the downstream effect of delays
  • Reduces project management overhead
  • Reduces communication overhead through automated alerts and report generation and distribution
  • Integrates procurement into project schedule, reduces inventory holding, and frees up cash flow in operations

Functional Features



Technical Features

  • Pay-as-you-go subscription model (SaaS)
  • No large up-front capital or technology investment
  • Short learning curve
  • Fits into existing processes with minimum disruption
  • An add-on that complements the existing legacy systems
  • Standalone or on-premise deployment model also available

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