Why Choose Nadhi

At Nadhi, we believe firmly that truly pathbreaking changes can be brought about in the industry only through a combined approach which encompasses technology adoption and business process re-engineering. Technology without process change is blind, and process change without technology enablement is lame. This philosophy motivates our service delivery and makes sure that our clients are never saddled with piecemeal solutions that do not fulfil their objectives. We also emphasize a transparent, collaborative consulting model where client and consultant work together sincerely in a realistic and time-bound manner to achieve specific, measurable goals.

What we do

Our consulting services include

  • Technology and implementation consulting to ensure painless adoption of nPulse and a quick return on investment
  • A templatized approach to delivery which helps the project get off the ground quickly, but is flexible enough to be able to meet every client’s unique needs
  • Extended and continuing support for the implementation beyond the initial rollout phase
  • Lean Construction consulting services including:
    • Implementation of the Last Planner System™
    • Improving the efficiency and throughput of individual functional areas inside a construction site through a scientific, measurable and repeatable process
    • Eliminating both material and time waste through specific techniques

We bring some of the best minds of the industry in the world to bring to bear on the problem at hand and deliver tangible results.

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