Wanted – Dead or Alive (Alive Preferred) – QA Lead/Engineer

We are desperate! We need you. In Chennai. You have to do the following for us. Please.

Your main job will be to make our development team’s life hell by burying them in bug reports. It is mandatory that you hate and despise developers and that your life’s mission is to demonstrate how incompetent and careless they are.

This gentleman has some good tips:

More mundanely, you will:

1. Help us create and maintain testcases for our award winning SaaS product. These test cases include automated back-end (JUnit etc.), UI (Selenium, Robotium etc.) and manual system testing.
2. Be able to engineer load tests and system level tests using open source tools, programming and cloud infrastructure.
3. Meld into our monthly release cycles to make sure the releases go out of the door on the clock.
4. Be willing to get your hands dirty at the code (Java) and the build infrastructure level to troubleshoot issues and help the development team resolve them.
5. Understand programming

If this floats your boat, you should get in touch at info [AT] nadhi [DOT] in

  • 26 Jun, 2015
  • Ravi M
  • jobs, QA,

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