Deactivate to Reactivate

Hi…how many hours do you work? 10-12 hours? With one break for lunch?

Does your work involve mental tension? Do you get tired easily?

What do you get at the end of all this?

Do you think you’re productive?

I will bet your productivity goes down for sure. Mmm… Hmmm…? Really!

We’ve already talked about the benefits of napping, here’s another productivity tip that will hopefully keep you fresh. You should be going back home feeling exactly the way you did when you started out in the morning.

Let’s face it – even the best jobs sometimes need a quick morale-boosting or energy-upping break. I have noticed that the way people spend time during lunch breaks affects how productive they can be for the rest of the day. At one of our clients, I saw people playing caroms and cards during lunch breaks to refresh themselves and be productive for the rest of the afternoon.

Recent scene, at an office:

Me: Do you play caroms daily during your lunch break?

An: Yes, we do.

Me: How much time you guys spend playing?

An: 30-35 minutes

Me: Before you started playing caroms, what did you do during your lunch break?

An: After eating, we use to go outside the office for cigarettes and tea, crack a few jokes and come back

Me: After you started playing caroms, what difference you have found?

An: 1 cigarette less per day (laughs) and by playing caroms we spend more time with buddies, happier, more focused and more productive.


Long back when I was in school I used to play but afterwards I can’t remember touching a striker. Now I play daily whenever I go to that office. Many people today treat lunch as just another office task to pack into some portion of their day. Though skipping lunch seems like an efficient use of time, the time you have taken for yourselves can be mentally rejuvenating and, in some ways, more productive than staying glued to your chair. Deactivate yourself from work, go give sometime for yourselves. Reactivate! Come back and work happily.

In a CNN article titled, Why Taking Lunch Makes You a Better Employee, workplace psychologist Dr. Janey Scarborough Civitelli states: “When workers skip a lunch break on a regular basis, they often don’t realize that fatigue and burnout are creeping up on them until they wake up one day and ‘suddenly’ feel less enthusiastic about their jobs or businesses.”

“Though it’s easy to rationalize skipping lunch or eating at your desk, the break can actually be good for your productivity” – Kimberly Elsbach, a management professor at UC-Davis.

See below for a fun video. This might be carrying it a bit too far, though! ;)

Seinfeld – George sleeping under his desk


  • 18 Feb, 2015
  • srikanths
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Isly Issac
It was indeed very activating and thoughtful and will definitely try to deactivate soon
Good post on keeping oneself active and healthy while being productive.
Pranay Kumar
Hey, that was nice, Srikanth.. Hope every company allows their staff to do so ;)
P. Sriram
Good One..
Amit Upadhyay
I have gone through your Blog Post, I can say one thing that I am in NAGPUR playing daily Carom or Table Tennis, in Lunch time and I am feeling very light (stress free) & fresh.
M Nandakumar
It's interesting..
Ridhi Agarwal
I am in absolute agreement with your article... Our team in office ensures to play dictionary or dumbcharades or jenga during our lunch break... It's important to unwind and relax your mind during work... As all architects in the team we need to ensure we are at our creative best at all times!! However, unfortunately, people in office belonging to other teams feel we are wasting our time and making a mockery of the office environment... Hoping that attitude will soon change!!!
Lakshminarasimhan v
really a welcoming move and as a sportsperson by heart do contribute by setting an example. On the whole, it must be initiated by the top management. it does make a huge diff if as a group wd meditate and have their lunch and get back to work afresh, rejuvinated.

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