Deactivate to Reactivate

Hi…how many hours do you work? 10-12 hours? With one break for lunch? Does your work involve mental tension? Do you get tired easily? What do you get at the end of all this? Do you think you’re productive? I will bet your productivity goes down for sure. Mmm… Hmmm…? Really! We’ve already talked about
  • 18 Feb, 2015
  • srikanths
  • Productivity, Time Management,
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From Chaos to Clarity – Bringing Order Out of Chaos in a Construction Supply Chain

Edward Lorenz, a Mathematician and a Meteorologist (!), developed a system of equations, which when given different values produces different shapes of graphs. The signifance of these equations is that even for a small change in the input parameters, the output, when plotted in a graph, changes enormously. Among these chaotic graphs, one stands out,
  • 23 May, 2014
  • hariharanv
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